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Arulmigu Arthanareeswarar Temple :-
The three moorthies Arthanareeswarar, Chengoduvelan and Athikesava Perumal have seperate shrines for each in this temple. But even then popularly known as Arthanareeswarar temple. This hill temple is also called as Malaithambiran temple. This temple has many temples included in it. They are listed below:
Arulmighu Kailashanathar Temple
Arulmighu Arumugaswamy Temple
Arulmighu Abathu kathaVinayagar Temple
Arulmighu Malaikavallar Temple
Arulmighu Bhadrakaliamman Temple
Arulmighu Periyamariamman Temple
Arulmighu Pandeeswarar Temple
Arulmighu Kailashanathar Temple :-
Across the streets of Thiruchengodu city, located is the Kailashanathar Temple with a large tower as a crown on it. This temple is otherwise known as Nilathambiran Temple. It was said that this temple was built by a king called VikramaThevan, so this temple is also called as Vikrama Pandeeswarar temple. This temple's area is 240 square feet and its tower is 76 feet in height. Infront of this temple is a 45 feet single stone vilakuthuun. 

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